Oxsprings Premium English Air Dried Ham
Oxsprings Ham

The Oxspring family has been involved in farming and food production for many centuries in England. The picture (to the right) “Oxsprings Farm” painted in 1815 by William Hunt depicts the Farm that was inhabited by the family throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Alex Oxspring returned to the lifestyle of his ancestors and passionately pursued the art of curing meat to develop a delicious and healthy product.

In a smallholding near to Pershore in Worcestershire, Alex developed the methodology to produce a British air dried ham. Located in the open expanse of the Vale of Evesham the curing unit benefits from the clean air of the surrounding countryside. The curing store where the hams are aged uses this ambient air but at the same time controls humidity and temperature to obtain the optimum environment for the maturing of hams. Production of Oxsprings Ham began in January 2007.