Oxsprings Premium English Air Dried Ham
Oxsprings Ham

Salt curing is the process used for the production of an Air Dried Ham. It is a method that dehydrates the meat and distributes a saline environment throughout the meat preventing bacterial development.

Oxsprings Ham is a lightly salted air dried ham and is produced with no nitrites or other artificial preservatives.

The significant health benefits are
• Protein simplification after the curing process allows for easy digestion
• Thin slices allow for fast and efficient metabolising
• The fat content is mainly unsaturated
• Ingredients of Pork, Salt, Air and Time creating a wholly natural product

Oxsprings Ham can be used in many styles of cooking. For starter dishes it is a wonderful accompaniment to fruits such as melon and pear, and thinly sliced it makes a delicious addition to a green salad. Wrap it around either a fillet of chicken or fish and it will bring a wonderful addition of flavours to the white meat. Or for a simple uplifting snack just lay a slice on fresh bread with a drizzle of olive oil