Oxsprings Premium English Air Dried Ham
Oxsprings Ham

Mark Rowlandson, Head Chef, Three Ways House Hotel, Mickleton

“We have been using Oxsprings Ham for over five years now. It has proved to be a very consistent and great tasting product”

David Kelman, Head Chef, Ellenborough Park Hotel, Cheltenham

"Oxsprings is a great local product that we regularly use on our menus"

Jean Roberts, Buyer, Hillers Farm Shop

"Oxsprings ham sells extremely well, our customers have ranked it alongside the best known continental hams."




Ian Howard, Head Chef, Babylon, London

"Oxsprings Air Dried Ham is done really well; it has a great, sweet flavour. It's unusual to see an English dried ham on any menu. I will always support English Artisan products from small businesses."

Mark Leach, Head Chef, East India Club, London

"I'm a great supporter of the small English Artisan Industries. It's a real pleasure when it turns out equal to or better than the original Italian product. This ham is consistently good and cuts cleanly with a real depth of flavour."